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His passion for Honey began with his work at Hans Sommer Import GmbH & Co. KG in 1995. He was teached all the knowledge he needed for his future in the Honey business by his mentor Mr. Hans-J. Hecker. In 1999 he started working as Purchasing and Sales Manager at   Walter Lang Honigimport GmbH, Bremen. Starting with 3 staff members during the short year, he was able to expand the business to more than 14.000 tons of Honey per year with more than 40 staff members.

In 2007 he changed to Göbber GmbH & Co. KG, a company which gets its Honey only through Honey importers and hitherto one of the biggest clients of Walter Lang. During the end of  2007 / beginning of 2008 Deutsche Honig Import GmbH & Co. KG, Bremen (DHI) was founded as a sister company of Göbber GmbH & Co. KG and Mr. Schumacher, as authorised officer, assumed control of the Purchasing and Sales departments. In 2012 DHI was modificated into a GmbH (Limited) and Mr. Schumacher became a managing director. In 2013 he planned and projected the construction of the processing plant for Honey in Eystrup. From the beginning of 2014 the imported Honey of DHI was processed in Eystrup. After his separation from Göbber/DHI Mr. Schumacher founded D. Schumacher GmbH & Co. KG in early 2017.


After an extensive training with a focus on management in trade and graduation as diploma in Business Administration, her path led her through various stations to the honey business. She has been on board since April 2020 and supports the company in the background. Above all, she is having an eye on all necessary documents, contracts, samples, shipments, etc...



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